Made from Grandmom Concetta's homemade recipe. Using fresh tomatoes, spices, herbs, Crabs and a touch of wine, the flavors blend together to offer you a delightful "CRAB-INARA Sauce" that reminds you so much of your days at the beach.

When growing up as a child we would go every summer to my Uncle Johnnie's bungalow, located near Cape May, NJ, where we fished, crabbed and had a great time playing bocce. The best part of the trip, eating, specifically, enjoying the "gravy" (sauce) over spaghetti, created by my grandmother using the crabs we had just caught.

For those special occasions or just relive your family's summer seashore vacation days, it's Grandmom Concetta's CRAB-INARA Sauce. Wine, bread, spaghetti, fun, crazy, loving family not included .