"My whole family loved your "Pasta Crab-inara sauce" as we enjoyed it 2 ways. It was a nice addition to sautéed shrimp, and then the kids probably enjoyed it more over angel hair pasta. Just the right amount of crab, tomato, and spices!  I bought a couple more jars to share with others. Perhaps a box or 2 of pasta along with "Grandmom Concetta's Crab-inara sauce" could make a nice gift basket for the holidays!"

– Best wishes for its success! The Holdsman Family

The reviews are in... and the Simays family gives your Crab-inara Pasta
Sauce "5 Thumbs Up".  It was terrific! ...We thoroughly enjoyed it!
– We'll be buying more ...Regards, Mike

"your Vodka Blush Crabinara is unreal;  my wife loved it.  I bought a jar, made it over pasta shells for my wife and WOW the best night of my life in a long -time !!!! ....I see myself buying several hundred cases soon... this stuff is Magic!
– Tom Brown, Seattle, Wa

"We absolutely love your Crab-inara sauces. I saute'd shrimp and tossed
them on pasta and topped it off with your blush Crab-inara.... "heaven!"
If you are a true, hearty crab lover, spice up any pasta, chicken or
seafood with the original Crab-inara recipe. If a smoother, milder taste
is what you prefer, "blush" all the way!"
– Paula Roberts

"Served the sauce tonight in a lovely ziti medley - Kids LOVED it!!! Thank
you so much! I am going to hit the site and order more. Really
– Ginny Cullinan

"That was the first time in my life that I have ever had sauce from a jar.  

– Frank Palermo

"Wow!  We just ate your Crabinara Vodka Blush for the first time.  Mmmmm!  Mmmmm!  Mmmmmm!  Very tasty!  Enjoyed it very much."

– Ken and Pam Kass

I received my Crabinera Original sauce yesterday-I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to send me the correct flavor. Great customer service and great product...
Keep up the great work - I will spread the word.
Have a great holiday...

– Mary Ann

I wanted to let you know that my husband and I had the Crabinara sauce the other night and truly enjoyed it!!!  It is delicious!!!  Please pass this compliment to your friend and tell him I will be buying some more.
I'm glad I saw you because if it wasn't you, I probably would have passed it by and missed out on a good product.

– Sherri